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Glaxo SmithKline installation

16 June 2010

Harmony Carpets has just completed an installation of commercial vinyl flooring tiles for Glaxo SmithKline.

The contract involved fitting 550m2 of Colorex SD 610mm x 610mm conductive vinyl floor tiles in their Syrups packaging department and the connecting airlocks. As this was, pharmaceutically speaking, a "clean" area, the job obviously demanded spotlessly clean work practices from our fitters, and presented a number of other challenges: Firstly, the tiles had to be laid around and under the machinery of five parallel packaging lines which remained in situ, and secondly, the customer wanted all of the joins between the tiles to be heat-welded. In respect of the former, it meant that GSK maintenance staff had to jack the machinery up whilst our fitters prepared the sub-floor, and fitted and heat-welded the tiles beneath, for the machinery to be lowered back into place afterwards. In regard to the latter, there weren't any easy solutions; some of the fitters (thanks particularly to Tim, Mark & Daniel!) had to shuffle around on their knees for the equivalent of approx one and a quarter miles, heat-welding all of the tile joins by hand!

The production line had been shut down for 5 days for us to complete the work, and because of the rigid window of opportunity that this shutdown presented us with, it was imperative that we completed on schedule. Failure, as they say, was not an option.

We had therefore suggested to Glaxo SmithKline that we work 24 hours a day, and we consequently employed 8 fitters working shifts. We not only completed the job on time and in budget, but also managed to accommodate 2 areas of tiles and sit-on skirting not originally allowed for.

For those interested in the specification of the Colorex SD vinyl tile. here is a downloadable pdf. As ever, you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it, which if you don't have it yet, can be found here.